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Feeling 'foggy' post covid infection? Yes, it's a thing!

Alongside her clinic work at the Mitre10 Sports Park, Dr Mel Parnell is the Medical Lead at Netball New Zealand and the team doctor for the Silver Ferns. She has taken up another role in 2022, as the Covid Medical Advisor for the ANZ Premiership netball season.

In this article, she talks to journalist Merryn Anderson about the return to play process following covid infection and the extra considerations needed to ensure each athlete returns to the netball court both safely and efficiently.

She also discusses an interesting symptom seen in both athletes and members of the community following covid infection; 'brain fog'. While this appears to only affect a small number of people, those with this symptom are finding themselves forgetting simple things (like how to open their car boot!), or having trouble processing information quickly. If you are also experiencing 'brain fog', never fear, these symptoms seem to decrease with time. This shows that the covid virus really is a different beast compared to other viral illnesses.

Have you recently had a covid infection and are keen to return to sport? Check out our recent post with some handy guidelines:

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