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Our Brilliant Hawke's Bay Summer

While the Hawke's Bay summer has not produced the most fabulous weather, we hope you're all having a great summer, and have been able to enjoy some active family time.

Dr Mel Parnell is on her way to Capetown, South Africa with the Silver Ferns netball team and will be away until the end of January. The netball team is looking strong and this Quad Series will be the main international play in the lead up to Netball World Cup this August. The Silver Ferns will play against South Africa, Australia and England, with the series showcasing 4 of the top 5 ranks netball teams.

Dr Alyse Cameron will continue in clinic during this time, and has appointments available. Alyse will continue to run our acute knee clinic while Mel is away. She has built excellent relationships with many of the local physiotherapists and we receive positive feedback from her patient base. Referrals are required as per usual.

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