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Can I keep running now I have knee osteoarthritis?

We see a lot of patients with knee pain and sometimes swelling after a fall or simple twist. An x-ray might show changes consistent with osteoarthritis. Sometimes if an x-ray looks normal, an MRI may reveal bone cartilage and/or meniscus changes to make the diagnosis of osteoarthritis. This can be a shock for many people who have never had knee pain before their injury.

We have 'a platter' of treatment options available for patients with knee osteoarthritis. One of our best modalities to reduce pain in the intermediate and long term is exercise therapy. This should be individualised for each patient and be a combination of activities which act to keep the patient 'lean, fit and strong.'

Many people enjoy running for recreation/fitness. We are often asked if patients with knee osteoarthritis can return to running, or perhaps they have been told that they should stop. This infographic provides great information to support our recommendations. Recreational running has not been shown to be harmful to knee cartilage and instead may be protective.

So strap on your comfy new running shoes and make the most out of the beautiful weekend weather. Movement is medicine.

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