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"From Here To Maternity"

Updated: May 25, 2021

Dame Val is an outstanding athlete, wise woman and all round great person. In this article she talks about fertility challenges in the elite athlete environment. There are many important concepts within this article, which I hope, may be great conversation starter for many -not just elite athletes, but for others with active careers.

How can a Sport and Exercise Physician help?

Sport and Exercise Physician can provide expert guidance and advice regarding:

-Women's health in sport - maintaining wellness, injury prevention, evaluating for low energy availability/relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-s)

*it is here where fertility issues may be uncovered for further investigation as Dame Val reports in her article

-Pregnancy and sport:

-exercise through pregnancy, safe exercise guidelines in pregnancy and medical illness

-return to activities, exercise and sport in the post-partum period

-consideration of injury prevention, breast feeding and the pelvic floor

For a private consultation or further information, please contact our clinic.

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Oct 12, 2021

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