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In these crazy times I hope you are keeping well. Now, as important as ever, it is important to keep up your regular fitness/exercise regime. Moderate level physical activity can stimulate the immune system, make you feel great and improve your overall health in every domain, including mental and physical.

With cancellations of group events, some gyms are moving online to give you classes you can perform at home. We are lucky with our wide open spaces and ongoing good weather, that we can get outside and walk/run/cycle while remaining outside of close contact with others. Be creative with your fitness, have fun and explore new options you may not have tried previously.

Here is a link to a short read from the British Journal of Sports Medicine:

It is currently business as usual at Hawke's Bay Sports Medicine, with the advice to stay home and reschedule your appointment if you have current respiratory illness symptoms. Private consultations may be appropriate via Telehealth (phone consult), and ACC are yet to release information regarding Telehealth consultations. Telehealth may be suitable for follow up appointments, such as receiving MRI results and discussing your treatment options and plan.

I hope you have familiarised yourself with the MOH guidelines: and have the Healthline number available if needed: 0800 358 5453. The MOH online resource gives good advice on hygiene practices, signs and symptoms and what to do to help prevent infection/spread of infection, as well as what to do if you suspect you may have been in contact/have signs of infection.

Keep well,


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